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Journey of the Masters

Pakistan emerged on the world map on 14th August 1947. Before tasting the independence, Muslims of the sub-continent were a colony of the Great British Empire for more than two centuries. Quaid Said, “Need to struggle continuously in order to put Pakistan on right track.” This challenge accepted by the devotees who plunged into ordeal with their heart and soul. One of the dedicated souls was Haji Sheikh Muhammad Tufail (Late). He belonged to a family who believed in Dignity of Hard Labour destined for the prosperity of Pakistan. He was known in Multan as a Manufacturer of Steel Ware. In these days Gujranwala was considered to be the main source of Steel Ware Manufacturing. Haji Sheikh Muhammad Tufail (Late) eventually followed the path of MUHAMMADand migrated to Gujranwala to realize his dreams. Soon after his arrival in Gujranwala his Sons infused their young spirit to the business which resulted in shape of the emergence of a new horizon for Master Industries, manufacturers of the Sanitary Fittings and Bath Room Accessories. In fact, this was beginning of Master Piece creations. This was a new turn to the Sanitary Fittings Industry which other were bound to follow for their survival. 
The ultimate goal was clear to the Master management. The next obvious choice was a Tiles Unit. The unit met with a thundering success. Master with the help of Italian technology brought a historical change in the field of Tiles at very competitive and affordable price. End users discarded the old fashion of floor chips and marble. In view of such unprecedented demand management was forced to extend the Plant’s capacity by many folds. Master believes in continuous struggle and research work. They planned another Landmark namely Master Granite Unit & it became a reality. Unmatched quality of Granite Tiles at alluring price for Pakistani people is another laurel in Master’s cap. The Management of Master Group now thought that they should explore a field which is not related to their present range. Baby Diapers, they choose as their next product. Baby Master met with talk of the town success which is a bare proof of its striking success. The last but not least is Master Plastic pack, a CPP and OPP film making unit. With the introduction of this unit Pakistan will not only be able to become self-sufficient in this type of film but also save handsome amount of foreign exchange. 
Master now has diverted its energies to Master the field of writing instruments. Ballpoint pens are widely used by common man through-out the world and with the passage of time their users are multi-plying by leaps and bonds. Master is introducing first time full range of writing instruments in Pakistan which will increase with time because Master Ballpoint Pens are Master piece of Italian technology. They are blend of tradition and innovation. We hope that market will take benefit of our efforts.

At the end we pray to Almighty Allah that we remain in the service of our countrymen and bestow on us the bounties which we share with them.